Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meet Mark

Ok so I had forgotten to do this post on here. I am a Mark representative and here is the link to my Mark E-Boutique You guys should definitely try Mark they have awesome products. If you do happen to buy from my site then use the promo code Welcome and you get free shipping on any order no matter how small or big, also you get a free scanda-lash hook up mascara with the purchase of any two hook ups, So get to shopping ladies.

Here are a few of my favorite Mark products:
The flip for it kits are awesome they are $20 each, they have 4 lipglosses on one side and 2 eyeshadows and a blush on the other side, I have one and its so cool. 

Mark Juice Gems are flavored high shine glosses and they are great, I have one in Juicy Fig and i cant get enough of it. They are only $6.00 so you definitely try these.

Mark Dew Drenched moisturlicious lip colors are awesome they are very moisturizing and have great color. They are only $6.

 The  Mark Go With The Pro brush mini kit is so cute and fits in your purse. It costs $15 and brings a mini powder brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, lipcolor brush, and a cute little case for them. Why would you want to take in your purse all your big brushes when these work great and they are just the right size to bring along everywhere. I have one and take it everywhere. 


MakeupNme said...

Neato i'll check it out